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Austin Nedved, LCMHCA, LCASA, NCC

Hey there! I’m Austin!

I grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where I began my educational journey that led to a fulfilling counseling career. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Wingate University, followed by a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from North Carolina Central University. I hold licenses as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate, Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate, and a National Certified Counselor. My education and certifications have equipped me with the skills to provide compassionate, informed care to my clients.

Certifications and Training Include

My Path to Becoming a Therapist

My fascination with understanding people—their thoughts, actions, motivations, and behaviors—has been a constant since I was young. This curiosity led me down an unexpected path when, as an adolescent struggling with anxiety and depression, I found myself in therapy. The experience was transformative, not just in how I managed my struggles but in shaping my future. My therapist’s ability to listen and guide me through my challenges opened my eyes to the power of psychology and counseling.

In high school, my interest took a more formal shape. I enrolled in psychology classes and a philosophy course called the Theory of Knowledge. These classes gave me a foundational understanding of human behavior and thought processes. My passion for psychology continued into college, where I majored in the subject. I was fortunate to learn from professors who were both educators and practicing therapists. This dual perspective enriched my education and provided me with a glimpse into the real world of therapy.

My academic experiences were hands-on, featuring counseling roleplays, case studies, and open DSM tests. Before my graduate studies, I took a year to further my knowledge and skills through volunteering at iCan House and working for Monarch. There, I supported individuals in enhancing their social skills and managing mental health challenges.

During graduate school, I interned at a private practice, shadowing a therapist and diving deep into the nuances of conducting therapy, including the often overlooked but crucial aspect of administrative work. Another significant experience was my internship at an outpatient substance abuse clinic, where I had the opportunity to observe, shadow, and even lead parts of intensive outpatient program (IOP) groups.

Working in group homes and volunteering to help teens has shown me that therapy is more than reducing symptoms. It’s about building a collaborative relationship where the client is the expert on their own life. This perspective has formed my approach to counseling, emphasizing empowerment & the client’s ability to enact positive change in their life. As a professional counselor, I’m here to listen, support, & work with you toward a healthier, more fulfilled life.

My Counseling Expertise in Navigating Wellness

During my continuous development as a therapist, my educational background and volunteering experiences have been vital in shaping my counseling career. I specialize in working with teens and adults facing a range of challenges, including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, phobias, stress, life transitions, setting healthy boundaries, and issues related to substance or behavioral addictions.

My experience at Bright View Counseling for over two years has allowed me to refine my skills and deepen my mental health expertise. Looking ahead, I’m excited to explore innovative therapies like virtual/augmented reality, hypnosis, and somatic experiencing, aiming to broaden my expertise and offer cutting-edge support to my clients.

My Therapeutic Approach & Flexible Sessions

My tailored approach to counseling fosters self-discovery, emotional regulation, and personal growth. By integrating evidence-based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Reality Therapy, and mindfulness, I aim to equip you with the tools to navigate life’s challenges more effectively. This blend will help you manage emotions, cope with adversity, stay present, and ultimately lead the life you envision for yourself.

My strengths as a counselor lie in my ability to build strong rapport through humor, a laid-back demeanor, and a naturally inquisitive style. This foundation allows me to respectfully challenge clients and address their concerns. I excel at understanding and reflecting on clients’ thoughts and feelings, often using metaphors or hyperbole to clarify and magnify their core experiences. Noticing themes and drawing connections in your story helps us explore deeper insights and pathways for growth.

I offer both remote and teletherapy sessions to accommodate different lifestyles and preferences. In addition, I customize the frequency and duration of our sessions based on your individual needs, ranging from weekly to monthly meetings, typically lasting about 50 minutes. While I hold most sessions in my office, I’m open to conducting sessions outdoors when you feel a change of environment could be beneficial. In our work together, you’ll find a supportive, client-driven space where you’re encouraged to explore, grow, and thrive on your terms.

My Fundamental Beliefs in Counseling

At the heart of my counseling philosophy is a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of a person-centered and holistic approach. I honor each individual’s unique background, beliefs, and strengths, offering empathy, unconditional positive regard, and authenticity in every interaction. I view the therapeutic relationship as the core of effective therapy, adopting a casual yet respectful demeanor to create a comfortable, friend-like atmosphere that still respects the profound nature of our work together.

I see therapy as a collaborative journey where the client stays in the driver’s seat, setting the priorities and goals. My role is to manage this process, guiding you to explore and sometimes challenge your thoughts, feelings, and actions to uncover the tools within yourself for meaningful change. Additionally, I may introduce new strategies to enhance this self-discovery process.

Respecting your autonomy is paramount to me. I strive to meet you where you are, fueled by genuine curiosity about your experiences and perspectives. I believe in the inherent ability of individuals to navigate their challenges while my support guides you to uncover your own solutions.

To maintain inner balance and avoid burnout, I turn to music and video games as my personal outlets. The energy of heavy metal music as I pass by nightly traffic serves as my unique way to unwind and recharge at the day’s end, ensuring I’m at my best for you at our next session.

My Personal Interests Outside of Counseling

When I’m not in the counseling room, you’ll find me immersed in various hobbies that keep my mind engaged. Video games are a particular passion of mine, offering both an escape and a way to challenge my strategic thinking. YouTube videos are my go-to for entertainment and education. I also enjoy a good laugh, often at my own jokes—which, I admit, are sometimes only funny to me.

Music fills much of my space, whether I’m in a reflective mood or need an energy boost. Reading is another refuge, allowing me to dive into worlds and ideas beyond my immediate surroundings. I listen to several fascinating podcasts on history’s greatest villains and industrial accidents, finding the lessons from the past endlessly intriguing.

Sci-fi holds a special place in my heart, especially in binging nostalgic shows like Star Trek: DS9 and classic Doctor Who. These hobbies, with their mix of humor, curiosity, and adventure, help me unwind while keeping me connected to the vast human experiences — insights I bring back into my counseling practice.

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