Schedule and Routines

Schedule and Routines

How to create and start a schedule and routine In order to create a schedule and routine you would want to first start with creating sections for the morning, afternoon, night, and miscellaneous giving yourself 4 sections. You can be as detailed as you need by creating a schedule starting with the time you wake […]

Tips to Maintain your Mental Health

Tips to Maintain Mental Health

With summer in full swing now is a perfect time to start working towards maintaining your mental health. With traveling, kids out of school, and new routines sometimes your mental health can get away from you. By focusing on a few different areas you can maintain your overall mental health.   1: Meditate – take […]

7 Acts of Self-Care You Can Practice During Winter

With colder temperatures and less daylight, self-care is more important now than ever. Being mindful and making small adjustments in your day to day life can make significant positive changes for your overall mental health and wellness. Here are seven tips to consider throughout the week!

Its Okay To Be

It is okay to feel mixed emotions and thoughts. What is important is to be aware of what they are and how they are impacting you. Throughout the week work on being more mindful of how you are feeling and know that it’s okay to feel different things.

Positive Self-Talk

It is easy to be down on yourself and to think in a negative way. Try these positive self-talk statements instead!

5 Ways to Decrease Screen Time

We have seen many negative behaviors and emotions triggered by too much screen time with people of all ages. Here are some tips on things you can implement for your family and yourself! Comment with some tips that work for you!

Tips for Learning from Home

As we continue to learn from home it is important to be mindful of these tips! Students have been struggling since early 2020 while doing virtual learning. This is a new concept for many students, parents, and teachers and its important to take steps to make schoolwork manageable.

Managing COIVD-19 Stress

The past year has brought upon a lot of stress triggered by COVID-19. It is important to be aware of how your mind and body are feeling. Here are some tips to help manage COVID-19 stress.


At Bright View Counseling, we believe that it is important to incorporate self-care into your daily schedule. This will help increase your overall health and wellness!

Tips for Working from Home

As we enter the new year into 2021, many of us will still be working from home. Here are some tips tp help make it easier!

Things to do When I’m Angry

Anger is an emotion that everyone experiences at some point. It is okay to feel angry, but what is important is how do you react when you are angry? Here are some tips tp help decrease your anger so you can make rational decisions. Comment with some coping skills that work for you!