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Indian Trail Office Team

Michael Clark-Borenstein LCMHC

Michael Clark-Borenstein

Bright View Counseling was founded in 2020 by Michael with the mission of bringing a better counseling experience to the people of Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas.
Austin Nedved

Austin Nedved

Austin enjoys working with teens and adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, stress, life transitions, substance or behavioral addictions, and setting healthy boundaries.
Ciera Hopkins

Ciera Hopkins

Ciera enjoys working with children ages 5 and up, teens, and adults who are diagnosed with autism or struggle with anxiety, depression, ADHD, stress, and life transitions.
Holly Davis

Holly Davis

My counseling style is laid-back and client-centered, focusing on creating a comfortable, non-judgmental space for clients to feel safe and open
Kyle Heinicke - Bright View Counseling

Kyle Heinicke

Kyle has worked predominantly with adults struggling with substance abuse, but he is mainly motivated to work with couples and address family dynamics.

Ballantyne Office Team

Olivia Gott

Olivia Gott

Olivia specializes in addressing anxiety, depression, ADHD, and identity crises, particularly those triggered by significant life transitions.
Jamie Peters - LMFTA

Jamie Peters

Jamie offers expert therapy using DBT, CBT, and Art Therapy. She proudly guides clients through trauma, anxiety, and identity challenges.

About Bright View Counseling

Meet the Bright View Counseling Team

Bright View Counseling was founded in 2020 by Michael Clark-Borenstein LCMHC (Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor) with the mission of bringing a better counseling experience to the people of Charlotte, North Carolina.

After struggling through the challenges we all faced in 2020 and continue to face in 2024 due to the global pandemic, therapy and counseling have become something we could all benefit from having more of. If you or your child have been struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, addictions, autism, work or life-related stress, behavioral changes, or simply struggling to adjust to the big changes we all faced this past year, you are not alone.

Bright View Counseling is bringing mental wellness to the forefront in the Charlotte area. We are currently offering sessions in person as well as online teletherapy. We continue to provide our clients with the best counseling and therapy possible.

We’re breaking the traditional mold of talk therapy and counseling and bringing a new, brighter idea of what therapy could and should look like with our ‘Therapy With A Twist!’ approach. Our therapy approach is holistic, humanistic, and person-focused. We bring the power of the natural world into the therapeutic process.

We take walks outside, participate in outdoor activities with clients, and integrate activities and games. We also get a helping paw from our office dog, Charlotte, who comes into sessions to provide a furry friend to hug, pet, and receive emotional support from. We’ve adopted all of these practices to continue to work with teletherapy as well. We take virtual walks, have outdoor virtual sessions, and have even participated in virtual fishing!

Our outlook on the client-therapist relationship differs from other counseling services. At Bright View Counseling, we forge a trusting relationship with clients. Therapy can be an intimidating process for new clients. We strive to create a casual, comfortable environment where our clients can feel safe and free to express themselves honestly and openly without fear of judgment.

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