Meet Olivia Gott • LCSWA

Professional Ballantyne NC Counselor & Therapist

Olivia Gott


I hold a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Virginia, which laid the foundation for my passion for supporting others through language and communication. I furthered my dedication to helping individuals by earning a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of South Carolina.

My certifications include being a Licensed Clinical Social Work Associate (LCSWA) in North Carolina and a Certified Mindfulness Informed Professional (CMIP). These qualifications equip me with diverse tools to guide clients toward better emotional and mental health.

Whether you’re seeking counsel for personal growth, stress management, or any major life transition, I’m here to provide a compassionate and understanding environment. Let’s work together to achieve your goals and enhance your well-being.


My Journey Through Transition: From Athlete to Counselor

My path to becoming a mental health counselor started as a 22-year-old facing an identity crisis after my undergraduate years. As an athlete in high-level softball, my life was intertwined with the sport. When my athletic career ended with graduation, I found myself lost, questioning who I was without the identity my sport provided.

This transition was not easy. It plunged me into a period of self-discovery that was both challenging and transformative. The struggle to redefine myself helped me grow into a more balanced, confident, and mentally healthy individual. It was through navigating these trials that I realized my calling. I felt a deep desire to support others facing similar transitions, especially athletes who must rebuild new identities after their sports careers end.

Driven by this newfound purpose, I returned to graduate school to earn my master’s in Social Work. This decision began a rewarding journey that aligns with my devotion to helping others.

I began practicing as a mental health counselor in July 2023. Every day, I am grateful for the beauty that has emerged from my troubles. My personal history allows me to connect deeply with my clients and lead them toward healing. Together, we explore their potential for growth, resilience, and happiness.

Expertise & Specialties: Guiding You Through Life’s Challenges

I specialize in addressing anxiety, depression, ADHD, and identity crises, particularly those triggered by significant life transitions. My practice extends to aiding individuals dealing with eating disorders, performance anxiety, grief, and difficulties within family and couple dynamics. I hold a deep commitment to counseling clients of the Jewish faith, ensuring culturally sensitive and informed care.

My journey as an athlete fuels my passion for assisting both active and retired athletes to face the hard transition away from sports. Understanding these struggles firsthand, I provide tailored support that resonates with their specific experiences.

I work inclusively with clients of all ages, from children and teenagers grappling with early life problems to young adults traversing the complexities of their mid-twenties to mid-thirties. My clients appreciate the profound, positive changes my expertise brings to the table. As one proud parent of a client expressed, “Olivia was the best therapist I could have ever wished for my son.”

Olivia Gott

Creating a Safe Space: My Approach to Mental Health Counseling

In my counseling practice, I prioritize making my clients feel heard, safe, and supported. I strive to create a calm, non-judgmental environment where clients can be their authentic selves. I believe this authenticity is essential for effective therapy. When my clients feel safe enough to show raw emotion, I see that as a sign of success. It’s during these breakthrough sessions that I know that my approach is making a difference.

I incorporate aspects of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) into my counseling approach. Additionally, I love to use a variety of techniques, including meditation, deep breathing, journaling, guided muscle relaxation, outdoor walks, Socratic questioning, mindfulness, positive affirmations, and visualization activities.

For those who prefer not to meet in person, I offer remote and teletherapy sessions. Each session lasts one hour, and clients can choose to meet weekly or biweekly, depending on their needs. The agenda for each session is tailored to the individual client, ensuring that we focus on what matters most to them.

When it comes to resources, I customize every recommendation to the client. However, there are many books that have inspired me as a therapist and an individual. Some of my favorites include “The Law of Attraction” by Esther and Jerry Hicks, “Breath” by James Nestor, “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker, “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl, and “The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday. These books have profoundly influenced my life and way of thinking, and I find them valuable for personal development and reflection.

By integrating these diverse techniques and resources, I provide a holistic and personalized approach to therapy. I aim to empower clients to achieve a greater sense of well-being. Whether in-person or through teletherapy, I can help my clients overcome mental obstacles in a supportive and enlightening environment.

Building Bridges: My Therapeutic Beliefs & Values

Olivia Gott

My core belief as a counselor is the importance of building a strong therapeutic relationship. When we start working together, it’s key to establish a professional yet empathetic connection. I want all my clients to know that I have their back and that our sessions are a safe space where they can be themselves.

Communicating our goals and fostering this sense of security is the first step. We won’t move forward until we both feel comfortable and have set aside any stigmas about seeking a counselor. My mantra is simple: “Therapy works when you do!”

I deeply value commitment, trust, grace, time, patience, love, authenticity, truth, and a growth mindset. These principles lead our process together, guaranteeing a productive and encouraging mental health counseling experience.

To maintain balance in my own life and avoid burnout, I engage in self-care practices like hot yoga, walking, getting quality sleep, soaking up the sunshine, journaling, deep breathing, and surrounding myself with positivity and good energy. These activities help me stay grounded and energized, enabling me to bring my best self to our sessions.

Looking Ahead: My Career Aspirations

In the next 5-10 years, I aspire to open my own private practice where I can further impact the field of mental health. I am also interested in expanding my expertise by pursuing certifications in Yoga Nidra and Internal Family Systems (IFS).

My overarching goal is to instill hope in my clients, empowering them to tap into the different parts of themselves. By acknowledging and accepting these parts, my clients can use them to their advantage and fully realize their potential. I will guide each individual on their unique journey to becoming all that they are meant to be.

Balancing Life Outside the Office: My Personal Hobbies & Interests

When I’m not serving clients, you can often find me engaged in activities that nourish my mind, body, and soul. I love being outdoors, whether it’s taking a stroll in the park, building strength at the gym, or finding my Zen at a hot yoga studio. Movement and fitness have always been integral to my life and mental health.

I also have a passion for traveling and experiencing new places and cultures. Some of my favorite destinations include Tel Aviv, Seoul, Rome, Florence, Venice, the Greek Islands, and Dublin, where I lived for two months during a college study abroad program.

Another love of mine is continuous learning. I enjoy reading about various life philosophies, therapy techniques, psychological findings, life outlooks, and mindsets. Embracing the idea that learning is endless has been a crucial lesson in my young adult life, and it continues to inspire me personally and professionally.

Olivia Gott

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