Schedule and Routines

How to create and start a schedule and routine

In order to create a schedule and routine you would want to first start with creating sections for the morning, afternoon, night, and miscellaneous giving yourself 4 sections. You can be as detailed as you need by creating a schedule starting with the time you wake up and filling in the day with tasks and activities until you go to sleep. If you are creating a schedule or routine for a child start with the morning routine before school. Then create an afternoon schedule for when they get home until they go to bed.

What to include in the schedule and routine

Ideally you would start with the time you wake up and fill in the rest of your day!

  1. Morning routine  ( As Seen On QC Morning at WBTV News Charlotte )
    • This can include hygiene, breakfast, gathering items for school or work, and mindfulness activities such as a form of meditation (one we like to do is called the 5 senses technique).
  2. Afternoon Routine
    • This can include lunch, mental health breaks from work or homework (a walk, journaling, arts and crafts), homework, sports practices, or  working out.
  3. Evening Routine
    • During this time you can schedule your bedtime routine, cutting off screens at least one hour before bedtime, and preparing items for next day if needed.
  4. Miscellaneous
    • Anything that needs to get done for the day, but can be done at any point of the day n such as chores

Benefits of schedules and routines

Not having a schedule can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for the family. Finding a structure that works for you can have a lot of benefits which include:

  • Creates structure for the entire family
  • Creates independence
  • Prevents laziness
  • Takes out the stress from parents telling kids what to do all the time
  • Decreases arguments from kids being told what to do

How to stay on track with the daily schedule and routine

You should have the schedule on paper or a white board that is somewhere visible. It should be located in a centralized location in the house for everyone to see. Make sure to also set alarms and timers to switch between task if needed. If setting specific times isn’t working, try to add in task that can be completed within a time range.

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